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Photography: Alexandra Baban

Jazzalara a.k.a Lara Deutz is a young singer-songwriter who’s currently working with Emiel Berghout. Influences are pop and jazz. Together it sounds like ‘singer/song jazz’.

Lara and Emiel are both brought up in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After the talent show ‘Rotterdams Open Podium’ in 2011 Emiel and Lara met and started playing together, because they liked the sound of each other. So they mixed their sound together and people liked it.

The sound of this duo is jazz-pop / singer songwriter. The songs mostly are about life, love and nature. Lara is the woman of the jazz part and plays the piano since she could reach the piano keys. On her 15th she started to play in the jazzband, Les Coupe-Vents. With this band she played on a couple of stages, for example on The North Sea Jazz Festival. The band split up when she was 19 years old. Lara wouldn’t stop so she went on alone. She started to sing and started songwriting so her music became a little ‘poppier’. Her songs mostly are about freedom, nature and love and sounds like singer/song jazz music. Lara sings and plays her songs with passion and individuality with influences of Nina Simone, Janne Schra and Peggy Lee.

Then we have the other one of this duo, Emiel. He started on his 15th as a rapper, went to the pop academy in Rotterdam and wrote a lot of songs. After a year he learned to play the guitar so he could use this as musical accompaniment. Because he started singing more and more his rap songs became pop songs. His music mostly is about love, people or real life situations. Emiel plays the guitar tender and sings very sentimental. In 2011 he started another band besides Jazzalara. This band is called Rock At Nine and is a pop rock band. This band performs the songs Emiel has written. His influences are John Mayer, Bob Dylan and Jason Mraz.

Compared to Lara, Emiel is more commercially oriented and Lara more about the ‘crazy’ compositions and melodies. So this combination makes this duo very powerfull!